Inspirational Video’s

Below a list of video’s which are, in my opinion, quiet inspirational and are foremost definitely worth sharing. The videos are related to leadership, trust and personal development.

Watch one or all the videos and enjoy! Do not forget to take a moment to reflect on the message and your own perspective.

How to give an A

Eagles & Ducks

Meals per Hour

First Follower

The Antonomy of Trust

The single most important thing you can do for your stress

Start with why

The surprising truth about what motivates us

Arithmetic, Population and Energy – A talk by Al Bartlett


Duck Tales theme song with real ducks

The Oh My Disney youtube channel created a funny video in which they recreated the original Duck Tales intro with real ducks. The Duck Tales is an animated television series, which I watched a lot when I was a child.

After watching the video I was wondering how it compared to the real intro. Luckily they a few days back they also uploaded a side-by-side comparison, which I think is also amusing to watch.

Almost identical

Sometimes you come across a very interesting or funny video on the internet. I have decided to occasionally post one on my blog.

The video below questions the social stigma behind chewing gum. It does this by an experiment in which two twins, with the same clothes, are placed side by side of each other in a museum. There is only one difference between them namely, one twin is chewing gum. Visitors are then asked several questions. While the outcome of this experiment would seem interesting, one has to take the experiment with a grain of salt. The experiment is namely carried out by Balten, the South American name for Trident gum, an American producer of chewing gum . Furthermore it seems that the twin who is not chewing gum is told to look miserable.