Pocket Leaflet First Aid (Dutch)

In 2017 I participated with the “Nijmeegse vierdaagse” also called the The Four Days Marches. This is a walking event where people (~43.000 people) walk four consecutive days a distance between 30 to 50 kilometers a day, depending on age and gender.

During this event I had to go numerous of times to the First Aid, provided by the Dutch Red Cross, for my blisters on my feet. The organization was really impressive. As follows I decided the join the Red Cross in the Netherlands as a First Aid volunteer.

At our branch of the Red Cross, so called “LiBoZa” cards where shared. “LiBoZa” is short for “Linker Boven Zak”, which translates to “Left Side Upper Pocket”. It is a small leaflet which fits in the pocket of your blouse. This type of leaflet shows all kind of useful details about a certain topic summarized. These are used to;

  • For one as to remember the most important content. As a trained individual you are supposed to know all the content. However, in the beginning when I had little to no experience I found these leaflets very useful to check upon.
  • Discussion, nowadays I use the leaflet more as a conversation starter

Since I liked providing aid to people I also joined the emergency response officers at my company. At that moment I decided to produce my own leaflets. For two reasons; i) optimizing the content of the leaflet. Online there are various leaflets and all of them have different content, ii) I wanted to add leaflets about safety and fire related topics.

So without further I want to share my produced leaflets with you. Three notes;

  1. I am not a (medical/fire/safety) professional, I just got the content from the internet from multiple sources and tried to combine the best out of all of them, so in no way I will be held responsible. In case you need help always request help from a professional.
  2. Furthermore, the leaflet is in Dutch. So I apologies if you are English. I do want to create a translation someday, but at this moment it is only in Dutch.
  3. If you are interested in the source documents, you can always contact me.

Symbol to represent Emergency Response Team (ERT) Bedrijfshulpverlening (BHV)

Emergency response officers (ERT), or in Dutch Bedrijfshulpverlening (BHV), within companies are trained in providing both first aid and limiting and combating (small) fires. All to limit the consequences of accidents. Various icons are used to resemble these organisations. One symbol which I have seen quiet often is the combination of first aid and a fire symbol.

However, since there was not yet a vector format available, I created one. Using the established first aid and fire sign from ISO 7010.

Emergency Response Team (ERT), or in Dutch Bedrijfshulpverlening (BHV), icon.

On the left the fire symbol with the red color. On the right half of the first aid cross with the green color. The red and green color form a gradient in the middle.

You can download the vector file here.