Simyo – Vriendendeal

Simyo is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which is active in several countries. Namely, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. Simyo, as a MVNO, does not own any network infrastructure. In the Netherlands it uses the infrastructure of KPN. KPN is namely its parent company. Furthermore the company has no offices and solely operates by using the internet.

I joined Simyo in august 2013. Because I wanted to switch to a SIM-only subscription, since my phone, from my previous subscription, was still working fine. From my invoices I figured out that I did not call or text that much. I spent around +/-70 minutes calling or texting and around +/- 600 MB of internet traffic. For this reason I decided that I only needed a subscription which could offer 100 min/sms with 1000 MB internet traffic for a reasonable price. After searching and searching for a subscription, I came across Simyo. I then decided to join Simyo for the following reasons.

  1. It was the cheapest (it really was, my subscription is 13 euro’s, I should note however that it nowadays is 14 euro’s)
  2. It was already at that time, called one of the best providers in the Netherlands by a non-profit organization which promotes consumer protection, the “consumentenbond“.
  3. It uses the KPN network, which, by reputation, is know to be very reliable

A while ago my parents told me that they needed a new mobile subscription and they asked me if I could be of help. Since I am a happy Simyo customer, I advised to go for a subscription at Simyo. At the same time Simyo had started an advertising campaign, called the “Vriendendeal” or in English “Offer for friends”. This campaign was about getting existing customers to tell friends to join Simyo. As an existing Simyo customer it was made possible to start your own shop. If people would then register for a Simyo subscription, using your shop, both the shop owner and the subscriber would earn 10 euro discount on theirs subscription fee.

Naturally my parents did obtain a Simyo subscription using my shop. A few days later my brother also called me, if I could be of help with his mobile subscription. Again, I pointed him to my Simyo shop. Because of these three subscriptions my shop, apparently, was one of the best in attracting new customers towards Simyo. For this reason Simyo asked me, as well as a few others, who also ranked high in selling subscriptions, if they could put a link to my Simyo shop on their main website. I replied that I did not had any objection, however I was skeptical since I thought “oh well, I guess my link just appears somewhere at the bottom of the webpage, but everything is better than nothing.”. The nice thing was, was that I was completely wrong. Namely on Sunday, the 13th of September, the Simyo website looked as follows.

Appearance of the Simyo on the 13th of September 2014.
Appearance of the Simyo on the 13th of September 2014.

They actually had removed the links to their own subscription form and replaced it with a link to my Simyo shop. When I saw it I was really exited. At the end of the day a total of 36 people ordered a subscription at Simyo using my shop. Of those 36, 12 people also activated their SIM card which did boil down to 120 euro’s in discount. As you can imagine I was, and am still, very happy because of this. It is for this reason and the fact that I am just a happy customer at Simyo, I wrote this blog. To thank them for putting my shop on their main website.

In the end I managed to obtain 160 euro’s in discount. Below is the list, I removed the names for privacy reasons.